Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Project G37S: Spring is here!

Aside from a few short single-digit mile expeditions around town over the winter just to give it some exercise, today was the first time the G has been driven since November. I had an appointment with my friends over at JT Motoring to have a few small things done. This Saturday is the Foxwoods Cruise & Meet that has been in the works since January. I have a couple parts on order that I knew would not be in here in time for this meet, but I have had a few things waiting to be installed for a few months now that I wanted to have done before the weekend. FIC 10MM hub centric spacers for the front wheels, Project Mu B-Force pads, and the swapping of one set of Kics lugs for another made up today's 'To-Do' List. Nothing crazy. No heavy lifting.

I am very happy with the results. The spacers push the wheels out just enough to look flush with no major poke and the new pads are a bit softer than the race pads that have been on there since we installed these brakes. I believe, given my driving tendencies, these pads are perfect.

FIC: Made in Japan

Hub-centric with built-in studs

Spacers and new pads installed.

Advan RZDF mounted with Kics REVO lugs

Part II of the day's events will be included in a follow-up Project G37S post... Stay tuned.

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