Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fake Volk Racing TE37

One of the most copied wheel designs of all-time is the classic style of the Volk Racing TE37. Fakes are everywhere! From spoke design and angles to stickers, valve stems, engraving, and finishes, the imitators go to extreme lengths to make deciphering the authentic wheels from the phonies as challenging as possible.

In 2010, Rays Engineering made efforts to make it a bit easier to differentiate the real deal from that of the fakes by adding some engravings to the inside of their 17/18" wheels, as they have on their 19" models. It is also important to remember that all Volk Racing wheels have the serial number and production lot seal on the inside of the barrel.

Before 2010:

After 2010:

Inside of the barrel (But be wary and discriminating as there are even fake Rays serial # stickers for sale):
In two of the most recent additions to the Volk Racing line-up, Rays has added etchings on the spokes of the TE37 designs. I love this.
Volk Racing Te37 Tokyo Time Attack

Volk Racing TE37RT

Sadly, some copies are better than others. Here is just one example of a not-so-convincing fake TE37:


If you are debating replica wheels, do not only consider the intellectual property theft that occurs when original designs are stolen from the pioneering companies, but also consider your safety. As is the case with "enthusiasts" who buy cheap knock-off and replica parts, hack replica and knock-off companies cut corners, as well. Don't fake the funk. When purchasing Rays Engineering wheels, make sure you buy from a Rays Authorized Dealer (RAD).

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