Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Amusing Photography...

My compulsion towards the parts of the Japanese Domestic Market is not based on a personal assessment of performance superiority. It is about design, quality, and attention to detail. Likely my biggest obsession of the industry, Power House Amuse is quite possibly the superlative of JDM parts. Hardly boring or run-of-the-mill, the products that come out of their facility in Chiba are not simply functional components to be admired momentarily pre-installation only to be forsaken shortly after brusque acknowledgment of any performance benefit or gain. Every Amuse part contains an all-too-real element of genuine automotive artistry.

Crazy One-Off Quad-Muffler, Quad-Tipped Z34 Exhaust

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Be Real. Buy Real. (And be safe…)

Though arguably the most common, wheels and aero are not the only parts that fall victim to parasitic replica companies. Aftermarket seat designs are also hastily ripped off by companies looking to make a dollar off in-demand designs. I have posted on this topic before (see here: Bride Knock-offs), but it is worth mentioning again. If you are in the market for aftermarket seats, whether you race or not, be sure to buy from an authorized dealer - seats and hardware. This will not only ensure that you are buying authentic parts and supporting the true visionary behind the product, but also guaranteeing that you are buying a product that could help to safe your life (or the life of a loved one) in the event of catastrophe. Do not risk it.

Below are just a few of the shoddy imitations/look-a-likes that are floating around out there. The examples below are incredibly easy to tag as phonies, as they are not so much attempting to dupe, but simply mimic the style of the authentic. However, do not be fooled, there are certainly some models that are not just "inspired by" designs (illustrated in the linked post above), as many of these companies go to great lengths to deceive and counterfeit. Caveat Emptor.



Please take 3 minutes and watch this video:

JDMphasis… Innovation over Imitation

Monday, May 19, 2014

This happened.

Added another frame to my collection...
Fake Parts Break Hearts

JDMEGO. Support.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


A couple days ago I posted a shot of two V36 coupes with the comment that it is likely one of the only times you will see two Stateside G's rocking authentic Zele aero in the same picture. Well, though I may not have been completely wrong, I was certainly one-upped today when I was sent a shot of THREE G37 coupes wearing legitimate Zele aero.

Well done, boys.

(Capture Credit: Cereal2K)

JDMphasis… Innovation over Imitation

Friday, May 16, 2014

Project FD: Second First Impressions - Saving, planning, and re-planning...

As I have mentioned a couple times now, I have not exactly been overanxious or incredibly restless in regards to modifying the RX-7. I have been holding off on buying parts, partly because of the simple fact that I am in no rush to build this car at the moment, but also because I am still attempting to figure out the exact modification route I would like to take. Doing things right the first time is the objective. I fully expect to swap some parts and endure changes of mind throughout the build process, but, for the most part, I am hopeful that the majority of the decisions I make in regards to the parts and modifications I choose for this car will be favorable, gratifying, and final.

I have had the car in my possession since February and I have put roughly 60 miles on it, most of which coming over the past week or so. I have to say, though I had my first FD for only two weeks before it was totaled, this car is somewhat different than I remember. I do not know how much I have grown physically in the past ten years (other than putting on a few extra pounds), but I do not remember feeling cramped in terms of headroom. In a comfortable driving position, I find myself extremely close to the roof of this car and I do not necessarily believe it is because I am overly large. I am not particularly tall. There are certainly taller RX-7 owners out there. I find it difficult to describe, but, even if the roof of the car extended an extra inch or two, I really do not think it would matter. I am just not comfortable with the height at which I am positioned when driving the car.

Additionally, maybe I have been spoiled with my Z and my G in regards to shift throw, but I am not particularly enthused with the throw of the 5-speed transmission in the FD. It seems a bit longer and notch-ier than I remember. Perhaps I just need to get some more time behind the wheel...

I also did not think the lack of adjustability of the steering wheel would pose too big of a problem for me. In fact, thinking back, I just do not recall the fixed wheel position of my first RX-7. Needless to say, it is a bit tight.

Other than these few concerns, I really enjoy driving the car. As I noted above, I believe I do have to drive it a bit more to garner that confidence, poise, and comfortability. It really is a fun driving experience; a fun car. And, despite these minor inconveniences, I like the smaller cabin. The cockpit-like feel is appealing to me. I remember always wishing the G's interior was a bit "tighter."

The above-mentioned "issues" I have with the interior are, ironically, somewhat exciting to me mainly because they are all aspects of the car's make-up that can be addressed with somewhat relative ease. Planning and saving money for a project can be frustrating and trying, but it also makes it all worthwhile when the time comes to order the parts, and then even more so when the parts finally arrive. Over the last couple months I have had a general idea as to where I anticipated my scrupulously squirreled cache of funds going in regards to this project. Up until recently, I have been planning on addressing the aesthetics of the vehicle by purchasing aero first. At this moment, I still cannot say for certain what my first few parts purchases will be, but it may not be a far-fetched notion to suggest that they just may be going towards some interior modifications.

I have done quite a bit of research and I believe I have figured out (with some help from my friend Brian) what brackets I would need to use in swapping out the stock seats for aftermarket seats that would allow for a lower seated position, as well as the viable seat model(s) for these brackets. I have also looked into a few short shifter options, although reading product reviews on forums is a bit tricky, as I often find people attempt to validate and justify their own purchase, as opposed to being honest and objective. I would like to do a bit more of my own research on this modification before making any decisions. And, as for a hub and quick release, I have been happy with the Works Bell products I have owned in the past, so I believe I will likely go that route again. Other than that, a 330MM (or there about) steering wheel will be my choice, as I believe the smaller wheel will suit me well and adequately address my concerns with the lack of adjustability of the stock (380MM) wheel.

Just for reference, below is a picture I came across on a forum comparing the stock FD wheel (380MM) to a Momo (320MM) wheel.

We shall see. Stay Tuned

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Killing the G game...

Two of the best V36 coupes Stateside...

Sadly enough, this could be one of the only pictures you will ever see of two authentic Zele-clad G's in the US. Props to Nate and Nick for refusing to cut corners with their builds.

Be the funk. Don't fake it.

JDMphasis... Innovation over Imitation

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I love Varis...

Every time I see a Varis-equipped Nissan, it makes me wish I had purchased another Z. I have said it before, but I think their aero is the best available for the Z…

Especially when donning the Arising-II aero…

 Oh, and I suppose I wouldn't mind owning one of their R35 GT-R's, either

Friday, May 9, 2014

Raining Rare

This aero is not the cup of tea of every enthusiast out there. Some love it. Some hate it. One thing that cannot be denied, however, is that you do not see a VeilSide Fortune-clad FD every day, be that good or bad

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Those wheels are dope, bro!"

No, bro… Those wheels are not dope. The only thing a car rolling on these wheels says to me is, "I want the look of a legitimate wheel from a reputable company, but I cut corners with my build to save a couple bucks and went this route instead."


The REAL deal Volk Racing CE28N

JDMphasis… Innovation over Imitation

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Some assembly required...

Just add paint

 Some carbon…

And a good chunk of cash.

The final product should look something like this

(Capture Credit: Kevin Yong Photography)

(The stares from onlookers will likely resembles those, as well.)