Friday, May 27, 2011

Project G37S: Amusement Parked

JDM Rarity

It was nice knowing that I have a one-off set of Project Mu brakes on the G. But now...

I arrived at XXXXXXX shortly after 9:00AM. I left just shy of nine hours later with the exclusive distinction of driving the only G37 in the United States with a Powerhouse Amuse exhaust system. There were a few snags along the way that I am hoping to have rectified in the coming weeks with another trip to XXXXXXX, but it is difficult to be upset when you have one of the most alluring specimens of automotive mastery peeking out from underneath your rear bumper.

Some shots of this automotive artistry...

Take note of the quality and attention to detail.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

When it appears that every third or fourth G I come across is sporting a knock-off Top Secret front bumper, I would like to applaud the efforts of the owner of this G. Although I am far from sold on the end result, I certainly believe he deserves some credit for summoning the moxie to cut up his stock bumper and fabricate something new, albeit not completely original.

I believe the goal was to bring the Infiniti Essence Concept to life. The end result is not all that dissimilar.

Infiniti Essence Concept

The lines of the G37 hood are now thrown off a bit and my guess would be that, somewhere, the front grille of a monstrous Q56 is now emblem-less.

I cannot help but picture a fantastic combination of the front end of an Aston Martin One-77 and the open mouth of a catfish.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Takata Green with Envy

And audacity...

Varrstoen TE37 Knock-Off in "Takata Green"

I recently stumbled upon a Varrstoen advertisement. I half-heartedly chuckled as I read with rebuke the color options available for their Volk Racing knock-offs. The fact that they use "Takata Green" is a bit shameless.

Any semi-knowledgeable enthusiast knows of the reputation of Takata and their harnesses. In reference to the wheel color "Takata Green" - you know it when you see it. Arguably, the first thing that comes to mind upon hearing or seeing "Takata" is the distinct color. If I am not mistaken, Rays Engineering made a set of Volk Racing TE37 Mag's in the signature Takata Green for the JGTC Takata NSX back in 2003.

Volk has since made the Takata Green color option available for their monoblock wheels. I suppose I should not be surprised to see that Varrstoen will not only wantonly steal the wheel designs of Volk, but also the catchy color caption, as well. As a company that has fallen victim to replica and imitation harnesses, I would like to think that the Takata Corporation would take issue with a knock-off wheel manufacturer using their good name to tactlessly promote their replica wheels... If for no other reason than to demonstrate some alliance and support towards another enduring company constantly battling the insolence of knock-off companies, Rays Engineering. 

My ideal is that there should be a steadfast rule within the industry predicating that One must be legitimate to reference legitimacy.

This also begs the question: Could there actually be "enthusiasts" out there who will not buy authentic wheels, but who will buy authentic Takata harnesses?    

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thank You...

A couple weeks ago JDMEGO graciously gave JDMphasis a plug on his blog. A couple pictures of the G were posted. A few days ago I was e-mailed a link to Mackin's Flickr photostream, where I noticed the G and my RS-D's with the Project Mu's (before powdercoated rotor hats).

Pretty cool.



Monday, May 16, 2011

This is not about exhausts...

Anticipating the installation of my new exhaust, I recently found myself going through some old pictures of my previous systems. I had four different exhaust set-ups on my Z before landing on one with which I was happy. This will be my second system for the G.

Either you ARE or you ARE NOT. I am... 

A dog person, that is.

A little over two years ago, I lost my 15 month-old English Mastiff puppy. One day I awoke to her motionless on the floor in the same spot I had left her the night before. This was peculiar because she did not enjoy being alone. In leaving her there, I had just assumed she would get up and follow me to my bedroom and sleep by my side, as she did every other night. An extremely affectionate pup, she always wanted to be in the company of humans, her head often resting contentedly on a foot or knee.

On this morning, she could barely move. After three trips to different animal hospitals and consultations with multiple veterinarians, the determination was made that she had fallen victim to an infection that attacked her spine, rendering her paralyzed from the "waist" down. A week's worth of treatment resulted in no improvement in her condition. Left to ponder quality of life issues of a paralyzed 200 pound puppy, I was faced with the most difficult decision of my life to this point. In the end, with the support of family and friends, I concluded that there were no options for a healthy, enjoyable life for my "best girl."

As the shot was administered, I held her big head in my arms and felt her drift away...

In viewing the old pictures of my previous exhaust systems, I came across one that quickly aroused some earnest emotions in me. I had been taking pictures of the first system I had installed on my Z, a Borla cat-back, to list in the classified sections of a few forums. Three month-old Lola came over to survey the situation...

We give them the love we can spare, the time we can spare.
In return, dogs have given us their absolute all.
It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made.

Caras, Roger. A Celebration of Dogs. New York, NY: Times Books, 1982.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Project G37S: "Patience is passion tamed." - Lyman Abbott

Purchasing rare JDM parts is not the only instance in life where maintaining a sense of patience can prove beneficial. Heeding the proper perspective, there are parallels to be drawn between life and modifying. We experience adversity in both. A solid semblance of patience can be the answer to the stress, turmoil, and burdens of one's personal and everyday life. In some cases, that patience might be rewarded.

As far as modifying and my current project are concerned, patience is a necessity, and there is most certainly reward. I got the word from Ben on Friday that my exhaust components have arrived in the states. Currently resting safely in a California warehouse (at Bulletproof), I should have them in my grasp by the end of next week. Exciting! However, I am in for another substantial, yet extremely worthwhile, wait in regards to the next stage of this project, as the very day that I learned of the arrival of my new exhaust system from Japan, I found myself writing a check for my new aero components.

Big thanks to Ben at Bulletproof for his continued assistance with this project.

Since I do not have any pictures of my actual exhaust system at this time, I will post up a couple provocative shots of a Top Secret R35 exhaust that alternated as my desktop for a while. I have had them for a few months. Thus, I do not remember exactly where I found them... (I apologize for not giving credit.)

"Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears." - Barbara Johnson, American best-selling author.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A JDM Fellowship

Last night, as I sent an e-mail off to Ben at Bulletproof, I refreshed his blog (which is seemingly always open on my desktop) to find another engrossing enlightenment on the reality of the strain knock-offs are placing on this industry. I encourage everyone to read it. If you are at all like me, you will likely read it more than once.

The timing of this got me thinking...

I had just finished writing an e-mail where I was requesting prices for parts for the G, that, if I order today, I will not receive for at least three months. These parts are not cheap. Meanwhile, I am currently still awaiting the arrival of the exhaust system I purchased from Ben back in February.

I finish this e-mail and find myself reading a captivating piece about knock-offs.

There is little in the way of browsing internet automotive forums that digs into my side more than reading posts where unenlightened members are praising a car that has cut corners with replica and knock-off parts. These are parts that can be ordered today for a third of the price of the real thing and be sitting at your front door in a week and a half. I see it daily. However, as agitated, vexed, and provoked as I find myself reading the comments of those people who know no better and seeing the owners of these cars insolently patting themselves on the back for a perceived job well done, I consider the true enthusiasts of this industry... True JDMophiles.

I finished reading Ben's post about knock-offs (which, by the way, I have seen cross-posted five times already) and noticed at the end he gave a 'shout-out' to Jay over at JDMEGO for religiously perpetuating his defense of authenticity. Ironic. Ironic because just a couple days before I had sent Jay an e-mail expressing my admiration and respect for his work, while commending him on a blog post he had made about an Evo whose owner was "doing it right." Concise, irrefutable, and on-point with all that I believe...

Take notice Hypebeasts. It takes time to build a quality car deserving of magazines and websites. This car is still being built up. No rush to get on a stance site or be the latest cool guy on the forum with  fake wheels just to have a tight offset. So Rad and rare to see things done right in this day and age of bullshit cars all over the web.

Defend Authenticity. It does matter.

Well said, Jay.

A few days later I had an envelope waiting for me. In it...

Very cool. Thanks, JDMEGO. 

I have said it on more than one occasion, and I know I will say it again... I have made some great relationships as a result of my automotive endeavors. People like Ben and Jay drive my passion for this "hobby" and certainly have my respect. For every borderline infuriating forum thread I read or picture I see of a car riddled with knock-off parts accumulating high praise, I can take solace in the fact that there are still some true enthusiasts out there. Ben and Jay are two people to whom I consider myself lucky to have made a connection. Their enthusiasm, zeal, and passion for this industry and the JDM culture is second to none. I, for one, praise their efforts and will continue to do so. Thank you. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Double Stuf Oreo

A buddy of mine owns a stanced G that sits on a set Volk SF Challenges. He and I met up with a couple fellow G owners yesterday. The two modified G's are the cookie portion of this Infiniti Oreo. 

A few pictures from the afternoon...