Monday, February 29, 2016

Is there a nicer Z34 Stateside?

There are no fewer than a thousand photos of Gene's Z34 floating around the vast cosmos we call the internet. I am not breaking anything new and earth-shattering here by sharing a handful of those photos. However, with all the shoddy and cheaply-built cars that get featured all over social media these days, it is only fair that we give Gene just a little more publicity. I do not know Gene personally, but he messaged me a few years ago. During the course of our correspondence, I learned that Gene shares staunchly the pro-authentic/anti-corner-cutting position of JDMphasis. Gene's build reflects this mentality. No replica parts. Zero corners cut. Varis, Project Mu, Esprit, Work, Amuse, and Craft Square are but just a few of the brands represented on this rolling work of art… This is the kind of build that should encourage, motivate, and inspire. Take note, people. Take note.

Be the Funk. Don't Fake It.

 And probably one of my favorite shots of Gene's Z (mainly because I LOVE the Esprit wing)...

JDMphasis… Innovation over Imitation

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I'm truly not trying to be a hater here, but… WHY?!?

I love the Nismo Z33. It is a beautiful, coveted sports car. On top of that, though it is not a wildly valuable antique collector's item, it is still relatively rare and, well, just... special. It is nice to be able to say you own a Nismo Edition Z33. For those who appreciate Nissan heritage and the Z-car lure, it is certainly worthy of a framed Nismo 350Z serial number certificate.

I am sure this Nismo Z owner is a great guy, but if one values his Z enough to frame the Nismo certificate, why put fake wheels on it? Why?

I know all the arguments and justifications for buying fake parts - I have heard them all, but this kills this car for me. This is a beautiful Z and it is sitting on a set of fake wheels. Clearly, the Work Meister is a wheel that appeals to the owner of this Z, so why not pinch pennies for just a while longer and buy the real thing? Of course we cannot tell people how, or on what, to spend their money, but we can most certainly encourage enthusiasts to resist the urge to cut corners by supporting replica and knock-off companies. We can encourage the support of authenticity. Take pride in your ride. Buy REAL.

Be the funk. Don't fake it. 

 JDMphasis… Innovation over Imitation

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

LB Works R8...

I may be going against recent popular opinion here, but I am not particularly fond of the overfender trend. Well… On some applications it is actually appealing and looks appropriately aggressive. However, I feel, in most cases, these fenders look like an afterthought. A nicely molded afterthought. Again, I realize I may be in the minority with this sentiment, but, overall, I just cannot seem to get on board with the exceedingly large fenders. In many cases, the flow and lines of the vehicle are lost and it appears as though huge pieces of fiberglass were just fastened to the sides of the car, often with large exposed rivets. It is a taste. A certain type of style. I understand that. It is my belief, however, that it takes a bit more to make these large fenders work. 

That said, I can get on board with the work Liberty Walk put into the aggressive R8 aero. I like this… 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Anddd… Here we have our latest leeching bottom feeder.

It was only a matter of time, right?

I recently came across a link to yet another [ironically] not-so-creatively-named website vending replica aero components. This time the Rocket Bunny Z33 aero of Kei Miura has been ripped off. This company slings their fake goods via a website so cleverly named 'carbon fiber hoods [DOT] com.' Just throw a set of spaced-out XXR or Rota wheels on your Z with this kit and, no doubt, social media will be abuzz in no time… [Shakes head disapprovingly.]

If you are passionate about your project, do not cut corners. If you are passionate about your project, support the true innovators of the industry; not their underminers. If you are passionate about your project, save your money for a bit longer and buy authentic.

Take pride in your ride. Buy REAL.

JDMphasis… Innovation over Imitation

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Just a random shot that I really like…

I believe I have mentioned this gentleman previously on JDMphasis, but Jason Hoang takes some pretty cool pictures of his projects. I have no idea why, of the hundreds of photos you can find on his blog, that I chose to post this one, but I did. Deal with it. Check out his blog and his project FRS.

Okay… A couple more of this beautiful swan neck Voltex wing. 

Just do yourself a favor and check out the blog!