Monday, July 23, 2012

Beautiful Mine's

A couple R34 GT-Rs from the legendary Japanese tuner, Mine's.

And a great, albeit relatively dated, video of the Mine's R34 driven by Keiichi Tsuchiya at Tsukuba.

"...once again, I feel that the Skyline GT-R is a car that is sought after and dreamed about. In that sense, the R32, R33, and R34 were all cars that received a lot of attention when they debuted. But with the advancement of technology, we know for a fact that there are faster cars, faster 2WD's out there like the RX-7. As a fan of the GT-R, I want the car to be the pinnacle of auto manufacturing at its time. This feeling should be shared by all the GT-R fans out there.
- Keiichi Tsuchiya, Hot Version
"The engine is fast, the brakes are strong... Why is this so fast? This is unbeatable."
"This is too fast... It's too fast!"
"It's so fast that even a dead man will scream." 

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