Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An Evolving Minnesota G...

Much like the states of New England, Minnesota only allows so many months out of the year for an enthusiast to actually enjoy his project on the road. This disenchanting fact has hardly stunted the modding progress of Tevi Lawson and his 2008 Ivory Pearl V36 coupe. This vehicle is the product of a rather drastic transformation over the past year and a half. Tevi's plans for his pride and joy have shifted slightly to embrace a more JDM-drenched theme. Might I suggest that he is well on his way to an exciting final result.

This car is rolling rather aggressively on a set of black 20" SSR MS1 wheels wrapped in Falken rubber. At 20x9.5" (+25) and 20x10.5" (+27 w/ 3MM spacer), these wheels are an ideal fitment set-up for the G coupe.

TEIN SSP suspension with on-the-fly EDFC damping adjustment capabilities and a set of front and rear Whiteline anti-sway bars only contributed to the thrill as Tevi's G traversed the Tail of the Dragon at ZDayz this past May.

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Those Ti tips belong to an HKS Hi-Power exhaust system.

Borrowing some styling cues from the Amuse Vestito front bumper of the Amuse Z34, Tevi decided to put his own unique twist on the paint job of his authentic Zele Performance front bumper.

Z34 Amuse Vestito

Time, effort, and forethought characterize the progression of this build. Tevi has expressed to me his long term goals for his car and, without ruining any surprises, I can say that he is on a great path. Constantly contemplating ways to improve his evolving project, I do not believe we will see Tevi Lawson cutting any corners with this build any time soon. A sincere enthusiast (and just a really good dude) and his growing regard for quality, originality, and authenticity in parts are the elements that render me anxious and excited to see what Spring 2013 will bring for this beautiful V36 coupe. Keep up the good work, Tevi!

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