Friday, December 2, 2011

One Sick Z... The Amuse 380RS Superleggera

Yes, this may be old news, but that is certainly no reason not to post up a few shots. Quite simply, this car is beautiful. One of Tanabe-san's last projects before he passed back in September of 2008, the 380RS Superleggera is no ordinary Z33. This car is, like everything else that comes out of Amuse, a work of automotive art; a masterpiece.

The functional, lightweight Amuse aero includes front bumper, front diffuser, front fenders, dry carbon hood, fenders, sideskirts, dry carbon roof, rear fenders, dry carbon rear hatch, dry carbon side flaps, rear underspoiler, and dry carbon rear wing.

Recaro carbon kevlar bucket seats, Takata harnesses, and a Momo steering wheel adorn the interior while a set of 20" BBS LM-R wheels connect the Bridgestone rubber to the road. This car stops using 6-piston front and 2-piston rear Amuse calipers and 2-piece slotted rotors. One would, of course, expect the exhaust of this car to be second-to-none. The Amuse titanium headers, front pipes, Y-pipe, and an R1 Extra exhaust system must sound amazing!

A few shots from the Power House Amuse facility in Japan...

Over the course of the last two years, the Z34's have become a "realistic favorite" of mine. I often kick myself for not choosing one over the V36. However, this Z - 300 pounds lighter, looking and sounding as mean and aggressive as any car on the road, putting down just under 400 naturally aspirated horsepower, and - perhaps most importantly - sharing in the history and heritage of a true visionary and innovator of the Japanese tuning world - is still a car, four years later, I can say, veraciously, that I would enjoy and cherish forever.

A quick walk-around of the Superleggera (wearing its track shoes: 18" Volk CE's):

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