Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sometimes Less is More...

Paint, Di-Noc, and the popular current trend of covering any and every exposed part in Plasti-Dip... I would suggest that, more often than not, modifying stock parts is, quite simply, a bad idea. Cheap, tacky and gaudy are often the achieved result when attempting to alter OEM parts.

On a rare occasion, however, modifying a factory part is pulled off brilliantly. I have seen quite a few modified factory steering wheels, but there are few that have come out as nice as the one of my friend, Jason.

Jason did not attempt to save a few pennies by using cheap, faux materials. This wheel was done right. He sent it off to Dallas Custom Steering Wheel in Garland, Texas where they went right to work to improve the look and feel of this factory piece. Jason wanted to thicken the wheel, so some additional padding was in order. The wheel was then re-wrapped with perforated leather, alcantara inserts, and red diamond-pattern stitching. To finish it off, the bezel was wrapped by Carbon Fiber Element in a matte finish.

Still clean and classy, this steering wheel is one stock part that was modified properly. Maintaining all the convenient features of the stock steering wheel, this wheel adds a hint of sport and tuning style to a refined Infiniti interior. Well done, Jason!


  1. Bill,

    I really appreciate the recognition for the recent work on my ride. It truly means a lot coming from a true JDM enthusiast like yourself. Thanks again!


  2. My pleasure, man. This wheel looks great! Keep up the good work...

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