Monday, January 2, 2012

Project G37S: Resolutions for 2012

I don't know that a true enthusiast will ever admit to his car being "done" - they are ongoing, evolving, and unfinished projects. The ever-popular Akira Nakai (Rauh-Welt Begriff) once remarked, "Whatever it is, the car has to look good. If your car doesn't look good, sound good, and feel good, you're not going to drive it like you should." My goal is to drive the G, whether it be a short trip to the store or a spirited cruise through some winding, mountain roads, and to be overtaken with enjoyment and thrill - not a thrill born from high horsepower or jeopardous joyriding, but a thrill obtained from a driving experience unique to my project. To that end, I will lay out a few of the plans/"resolutions" for the G that have me excited about my project again. 

  1. Wheels - I will not reveal what model just yet, but I will say that I am going back to a 20" set-up. I have the sizes and offsets ironed out. However, I am only recently up-in-the-air as to the finish. Hmmm...
  2. Tires - I took the advice of a few people and reluctantly gave Hankook a shot when I mounted the Volk TE37SL's. I will not be going back to them. I was less than impressed. I will be going with a different brand this time around. At the moment, Falken and Yokohama are at the top of the list.
  3. Exhaust - Yes. I will be making a change to the Amuse exhaust. I am not changing up this set-up based on a disappointment with the product. Powerhouse Amuse is still top-notch, A+ in my book. I have my reasons for making a change...
  4. Exterior - I have a few minor plans to separate the G from the pack. Also, I plan to complete the rear of the G. I do not think I will be mounting the Z33 Top Secret carbon fiber diffuser to the Zele rear bumper. I am considering a few other options, but, again, nothing is set in stone just yet. More research is necessary. (That said, if you know anyone interested in an authentic Top Secret rear diffuser for a 350Z, shoot me an e-mail.)
  5. Interior - Change is good. One can never have too many JDM shift knobs... Right?

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