Saturday, January 14, 2012

Knock off knocking off the knock-offs!

We have all seen the insolent claims of all the companies producing and selling knock-offs. In an attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of those enthusiasts looking to modify their cars, these companies would love us all to believe that they are extricating the tuning industry from all its distress and hardship, when, in fact, they are the responsible parties. In the VQ community alone, we have seen the work of BAUS Auto, VIS, AIT Racing, Shine Auto, and many others in stealing and cashing in on the designs of the real innovators of the JDM tuning world. I found myself considering the irony and hypocrisy in the most recent thread created by a shop in New York, 180 Custom, advertising their Top Secret knock-off front bumper for the G37S coupe. They urge against buying the AIT Racing knock-off. I had to laugh.

The long awaited TS-P front lip for the G37S Coupe is now available for purchase. The lip is made out of thick polyurethane material as oppose to the fiberglass one that Top Secret sells for $1000. It's flexible and super strong. Fitment is a very good 95%. Do not settle for a cheap fiberglass copy!

"Don't buy THAT fake. Buy THIS fake!"

We, as JDM enthusiasts, are incredibly fortunate to have companies out there that have our best interest at heart; looking out for our modding welfare and the well-being of JDM in the states. [/sarcasm]

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  1. Disgusting. Not one creative bone in their body. These American "companies" can't make one original aero kit. Everything is a knock-off. No respect for these tooners.