Sunday, January 22, 2012

[JDMEGO] Corners: Intact

Jay, of JDMEGO, is a good dude; a good dude who is doing everything right with his Evo IX build. One need not be an expert on all things Evo to appreciate the work and commitment inherent in this project. No corners have been cut. An undertaking of more than six years to this point, this IX is truly a work of JDM art. As with the authentic parts installed, the attention to detail of this build, as a whole, is beyond impressive.

See all shots of this crazy Evo herehere, and here. 

If there is a model worth following, this is it. A pioneer; someone to whom we should all point when instructing on the proper modification methods, Jay and his Evo IX receive two big 'Thumbs Up' from JDMphasis...

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