Tuesday, March 22, 2016

GaleForce Z34...

I love Nissan cars. Yes, I am biased. I will not apologize for it. Though the Z33 is the car that made me fall in love with Nissan and the JDM culture, as well as the car that I have chosen as my next project (My second Z33, at that...), I fall more and more in love with the Z34 the more I see those that are modified properly. By "properly" I mean with quality, authentic parts. This is another prime example.

The GaleForce Z34, much like Gene's Z34, is all over the internet. My friends at Bulletproof Automotive took on this project with, as I understand it, a great client from our North American neighbor to the north. From the absolutely beautiful paintwork to the monoblock Japanese wheels - Volk Racing TE37 Ultras, to the stunning Varis Arising II aero and the Boosted Performance turbo set-up, this Z34 is one of the nicest in North America. No, dare I say, perhaps the world.

Very well done, Mr. Gale. Again, Z enthusiasts, take note. Take note…

(Capture Credit: Diego Perri)

 Pretty cool shot here...
(Capture Credit: George Bucur)

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  1. I have to agree, Nissan cars are absolutely the best made and looking cars on the market! I first fell in love in high school and today I still drive a new Nissan. Those pictures of the blue Nissan you posted are insane, that is really more of a work of art than it is a vehicle that is on the road.

    1. Thank you for the comment. Jason's Z is amazing. One of the best around for sure...