Friday, March 25, 2016

Project Z33: Runduce Big Brake Kit

As I mentioned in a previous post, my brakes are Stateside. They have been for a while now, actually. I chose to leave them in the competent hands of my friends at Bulletproof Automotive at least until my aero arrives at their headquarters in California. To taunt and tease, they sent me a few shots of the brakes. I figure I may as well share.

Kit Details:
FRONT: 380MM, 8-Piston
REAR: 356MM, 6-Piston

They look pretty sick! I am excited. That said, and only going by these pictures, I am a little nervous that the color is not exactly what I want. It looks as if the orange has a bit more of a reddish tone than I had desired. I was hoping for a traditional orange, such as this:

Perhaps it is just some photo editing? Though I will say that the very first picture of my kit posted above looks to have more of that traditional orange color than the other two shots. I guess we will find out eventually…

JDMphasis… Innovation over Innovation

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