Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Project Z33: This Color!

As I have blogged in the past, once my aero arrives from Japan (It will be 6 months in less than two weeks!), the plan is to wrap the car in a matte blue finish. I really like the factory Daytona Blue of Nissan, so I do not want to stray too far from that, but I do want to do a matte finish. Plus, keeping the color a similar blue to factory will not make the door jambs, sills, and engine bay look too awkward or 'unfinished.'

I have been searching the web for good examples of the blue that I want and have found the following pictures. Some of these pictures are not the best quality and, in others, the lighting seems a bit off, but I think this shade and finish is the basic idea of what I would like to do. I am looking forward to this part of the project.

Sharp S2K with some Voltex aero and TE37SL rollers...

 This appears to be a bit too teal for my taste, but I am not sure if that is just the light...

A closer look at a matte blue finish on an Audi… I really like this.

I love this beast!

JDMphasis… Innovation over Imitation

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