Monday, January 7, 2013

Project G37S: Minor Details

With the biggest modification plan of the past 16 months (the exhaust, of course) complete, I have had a chance to take a step back and look at this project as a whole. I am happy with the car. One-off Project Mu brakes, a one-off exhaust system by Power House Amuse, multiple other quality parts from legitimate JDM companies including Zele Performance, Advan, Cusco, Top Secret, Bride, Tein, HKS, Works Bell, First Molding, etc... There are a few small details I want to address before making a final decision on what will constitute the next phase of this project.

First, I have never been an advocate for installing spacers on wheels. The whole concept of them does not sit well with me. I guess, to be blunt, they just scare me. That said, I am not in love with the ever-so-slight tuck of my front wheels [Specs: 20x9.0" (+27) on 255/35/20 Falken FK452]. After talking with my buddy, Brian of JT Motoring, about my reluctance to install spacers, he assured me that installing a set of hub-specific/hub centric spacers is safe. Trusting Brian's word, I agreed. Skimping on parts is not something I have ever considered with this project, so why would I start when it comes to something that could affect safety? We decided on a set of FIC Japan 10MM spacers. I think these will give my front wheels the exact look for which I am going. (And, rest assured, the first piddling vibration I feel will result in the immediate removal of these spacers.)

FIC Japan 10MM Spacer

Next, we have decided now is a good time to change out the front brake pads. As I have mentioned before, I believe a good set of anti-sway bars and upgraded brakes are the two best modifications one can do to a car. I cannot wait to feel the bite of these Project Mu Street pads.

Project Mu Street Sports pads for PMu Forged Slim 6POT BBK

 These have been sitting for a few months. Ordered when we mounted the Advan RZ-DFs last April, they arrived in June, I believe. We held off putting them on until the car went in the shop for the exhaust overhaul. Only then, six months later, did we discover that we were sent the wrong thread pitch. Not the end of the world, as the current Kics lugs are perfectly fine. I just have a habit of picking up new lugs every time a new set of wheels is ordered. It seems only natural... Right?

Kics REVO R40 w/ red Closed End Caps

After the above-mentioned areas are addressed, there are a couple other minor details that I will tackle before the Spring, but I am in serious debate as to the road this project will take next. Please bear with us... I am excited.

Stay tuned...

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