Thursday, January 3, 2013

Perpetuation of Annihilation

Once again, I cannot tell a so-called enthusiast how to spend his/her money, but I guess I cannot grasp the concept of the "enthusiast" websites showcasing corner-cutting; the type of corner-cutting that ultimately harms the industry they claim to love and wish to promote. I can understand, with the crazy number of pictures some of these sites post up on a daily basis, missing a car that is rocking fake aero or even mistaking a set of replica wheels for the real thing, but when the vehicle in question is tattooed with branding of a bootleg company, an alarm should sound and I would hope that someone who loves the JDM parts scene and culture would think twice about supporting or condoning this methodology in regards to modifying.

I explored the website shrouded all over (at least 9 times) the Evo pictured below and found a bevy of [JDM company]-style parts for multiple makes and models. Founded in 2010, this company boasts of "using only Japanese made carbon fibre" for their products, resulting in "uncompromising craftsmanship and quality." I just find myself wondering why, with all the "cutting edge technology" and quality control, original and unique designs cannot be achieved. Why steal someone else's construct? 

I'd be quite surprised if Zele, Do-Luck, Veilside, Nismo, Mugen, RE-Amemiya, C-West, DAMD, Varis, Voltex, Jun, Wald, Origin, Bee-R, Auto Select, Top Secret, HKS Kansai, and every other legitimate aero company referenced as a [fill-in-the-blank]-style on that website are receiving, for their covetable designs, a percentage of the sales of this glorified replica company.

If I can just encourage you perusers of Facebook and automotive blogs to think twice before you applaud these pictures. Please do not perpetuate the "corner-cutting is okay" notion by praising these cars. Before you brusquely and impulsively click LIKE, SHARE, or type "Dope!" or "Do want!" or "Sick!" please consider the company that has been ripped off. Consider the research, development, tooling, and prototyping that went into that original design by those original designers. Consider those visionaries. Consider the skill and talent that went into imagining, conceiving, constructing, and actualizing that design. Consider the industry you love.

JDMphasis... Innovation over Imitation

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