Friday, April 27, 2012

Project G37S: Doing things right doesn't happen overnight.

It has been quite some time since I have posted any sort of update on Project G37S. At the start of 2012 my goals were to execute a few minor changes to the exterior (nothing too crazy), new rollers and rubber, and a completely new exhaust set-up. I am happy to report that everything is well underway. Trying to remain patient while enduring the build and wait times from companies in Japan is, of course, challenging, but I am focused on the end result. I believe it will be well worth it... Check out the progress pictures below.

Out with the old...
In with the new...



  1. Loving the look of the new wheels but boy oh boy do I have a soft spot for TE37SL's. Hoping to pick up a set of those myself by the end of the summer for my 3000GT. Always enjoy reading the blog and watching the G37.

  2. Dang, I REALLY REALLY like the TE37 SL! That was one of my favorite parts of your car. Don't worry, I'll throw a pair on my EVO X to make up for it. :-P

    1. Thank you for the kind words and for continuing to read JDMphasis. I liked the SLs, too, but I always thought they were just a bit too aggressive for the G. Plus, from the day I sold my RS-Ds I have missed them, so I figured I would change things up again and step it up a notch this time with the RZ-DFs.

      Aaron, I think the SLs will look great on the Evo X. Looking forward...