Friday, September 2, 2011

Remember, Remember the Second of September...

(Excuse the feeble, poorly-executed Guy Fawkes allusion...) 

One Year Later...

I can recall reading for the first time, with mixed emotions, this letter a little less than a year ago. I, once again, found myself incensed by the fact that there are companies out there like Varrstoen. I was bothered by the notion that Mackin Industries must actually devote time to brainstorming combat techniques to the undermining and ripping off of their popular wheel designs. At the same time, I found myself reading this letter with a Grinch-like smirk overtaking my face. Haughtily amused and contented to see Mackin taking a stand against the Varrstoen replica trend that is slowly marauding the Japanese tuning scene, I enjoyed this. 

Needless to say, I, zealously and enthusiastically, applaud these proactive measures taken by Mackin.

I am curious to know the number of dealers affected by this memo...

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  1. It's disgusting seeing people lap up this toilet water wheel company. Putting cheaper than OEM quality parts on expensive cars screams "I cannot afford this car and signed my life away", and buying wheels like this only support that theory. I'm glad they took this route. I bet many forum vendors were affected.