Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Project G37S: "Success is the sum of details." - Harvey S. Firestone

I see far too often the corner-cutting that occurs when people modify the V36. To that end, I find myself overwhelmed with enthusiasm and anxious anticipation as the next stage of my project is underway.

The parts being installed are real, authentic parts from legitimate, well-respected companies of the Japanese tuning industry. Not granted the same instant gratification luxury of those who purchase knock-off and replica parts, I endured months of waiting for the majority of these parts to arrive from Japan.

A few days ago I dropped the keys to the G in the capable hands of Scott and the guys at Kaizen Tuning. Scott and I went over the specifics of each modification planned for this stage of the project. While discussing the gains I can expect to receive from the HKS intakes we are installing, I acknowledged that there likely may be other intakes out there that would yield higher horsepower gains, to which Scott retorted that this project is not about building a car with gobs of power. "It is about the big picture. The whole package."

He hit the nail on the head.

One who appreciates absolutely the lure and appeal of those JDM parts, Scott understands the vision I maintain, as well as the standards I have set for myself with this project. Quality and JDM rarity are at the core of its theme. This car is, in fact, about the details.

A teasing photographic preview of what is to come:

More stickers to add to my collection... (You only get these when you buy authentic parts.)

Although a fraction of the time I waited to receive these parts, the next few weeks will straddle the threshold of torturous.

Stay tuned...

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  1. Can't wait to see what comes of this, hats off for being real.