Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Keepin' it Real...

A refreshing anomaly it is to encounter a fellow enthusiast who refuses to cut corners.

Especially a young one... A couple weeks ago I received an e-mail from a fellow G owner. The excitement and enthusiasm jumped off the screen of my laptop as I learned the story of this young man's recent acquisition of a set of Volk Racing G2 wheels. One does not have to be a staunch advocate against knock-offs, replicas, and corner-cutting (or even a car enthusiast) to appreciate this story. Although, it might add to the enjoyment...

I do not know this 18 year-old college student from California. I have never met him. I likely would not be able to pick him out of a line-up, but, apparently, we share something in common in terms of modding ideology.

A student at USC and working part time, Andrew had been saving up to purchase a set of wheels for a year. A year. That, in itself, is impressive. This young man saved his money for an entire year in order to own a set of authentic JDM wheels. However, there is more to the story than the notable patience and commendable resolution exercised by this guy...

Attempting to get a jump on his sophomore year workload, Andrew was enrolled in a summer school program. He had spent his freshman year saving up for his desired wheel: Volk Racing G2 Type II (in gunmetal finish) and finally placed the order at the beginning of his summer break. Andrew's mother, cognizant of her son's burning desire to buy these wheels, laid down the law by setting the condition that he could only take delivery of the wheels if she was satisfied with his summer school grades. While waiting for his grades to surface, the wheels had arrived from Japan.

The year of hoarding his paychecks in order to finally purchase authentic Rays wheels, coupled with the eight week turnaround for transport after placing his order, the young enthusiast was, at this point, becoming anxious. With the wheels in the possession of his vendor, Andrew was woefully forced to disclose that he could not buy the wheels at that time. He had to begrudgingly instruct the vendor to attempt to sell the wheels to another buyer via the forums, as his grades had not materialized for review by his mother.

Picture Andrew... Awaiting the arrival of his grades, fingers crossed that his wheels would not be sold to another buyer. Lucky for him, His grades arrived on the last Tuesday of August.

Andrew's Volk Racing G2's were mounted and installed two days later...

Sadly, there are not too many enthusiasts out there who are willing to wait a year to purchase authentic parts. Furthermore, there are not too many younger enthusiasts who refuse to take the easy way out. Andrew could have owned a set of aftermarket wheels that resemble many of the popular Volk styles in less than half the time it took him to mount the G2's on his G37. A prime example of someone "doing things right," Andrew is one of the few unwilling to sacrifice quality for convenience, or "value."

In short, I think Andrew deserves an acknowledgment and I am honored that he included me in his experience.

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