Saturday, June 18, 2011

I am no longer the only one...

A couple weeks ago I made a post here (A Forum Downfall) with pictures of a G on fake wheels with a fake body kit and made the statement that forums can be a way to spread wrong/bad ideas and misinformation. Praise for replicas and knock-offs by the misguided and uneducated was clearly the example I chose to use. In that sense, forums can be "bad."

As far as making connections with other enthusiasts, forums can be great. I receive a lot of private messages from members asking questions, commenting, looking for opinions, etc... I have established some good relationships with a lot of members on different forums. A fellow member on the G boards messaged me a few weeks back. He asked me about my wheels, offsets, opinions on tire sizes, his drop and suspension, etc...

I saw these pictures today. They really pop on white... And they're authentic! Very nice.

White G37S on TE37SL

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