Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Forum Downfall

Automotive forums can be great. Often a useful tool and resource, they are a means to unite enthusiasts and share the latest ideas, crazes, and movements. However, they can do as much harm to the aftermarket industry as they can good. Yet another example of an owner proudly showcasing his corner-cutting, this G37 is one of many of its kind. As someone who encourages support of the original trendsetters and pioneers of the industry, one thing that really irks me about this particular car is that the handiwork of another is what influenced the owner of this G. When the owner of this G saw another member boastfully post pictures of his G on Varrstoens, he responded six days later with a post declaring, "One of the nicest wheels for the G... I ordered mine today. You convinced me."

It's sad. What's even more sad? The amount of praise it is receiving...

Knock-off Top Secret kit and Fake Volk wheels

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