Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Wheels of My Nissans...

With the SL's mounted this week, I got to thinking about some of my past wheel and tire set-ups. I haven't owned a vast number of wheels, but a few of the sets of which I am particularly proud are featured here.

Volk Racing TE37 in rare Mercury Silver

Front: 19x9.5" (+22) on Toyo T1R 255/35/19
Rear: 19x10.5" (+22) on Toyo T1R 285/35/19

Since this was a custom order, I waited almost 8 months for these wheels. I had initially requested blue Rays/Volk stickers for the wheels, to match my StopTech calipers, but they arrived as pictured above, in black. I had to jump through hoops to get my hands on some blue stickers, but I was finally able to procure a set, without being charged $240+ for them. (Afterall, Volk can't have people buying authentic stickers to put on their Rota and VarStolen wheels, right?)...
Blue stickers

The next wheels were a set of Volk CE28's in one of my favorite finishes, Magnesium Blue. These wheels never actually made it on the car, as I sold the Z (and a number of other parts I had purchased for it) before I got around to having them mounted.

Volk Racing CE28N in Magnesium Blue

 Front: 19x9.5" (+12) to be mounted on Toyo T1R 245/35/19
Rear: 19x10.5" (+12) to be mounted on Toyo T1R 275/35/19

I then took a little break from modding before I purchased the G37S. I can remember, years ago, Sharif of Forged Performance posted a picture on the Z boards of a G on Volk GT-F wheels (pictured below) and saying to myself that I thought 19's looked too small. Thus, upon purchasing my G and seeing that the Advan RS-D's were being made in 20" diameters, I had my order placed before I even had the car in my possession. 

Forged Performance G37 featuring 19" Volk Racing GT-F's

Advan RS-D in Flat Black

Front: 20x9.0" (+25) on Yokohama S.Drive 245/35/20
Rear: 20x10.0" (+35) on Yokohama S.Drive 275/30/20

Although I thought a 19" wheel was too small on a G37 just a few years ago, I have come to believe that it looks rather appropriate with the proper offsets and the optimum ride height. Additionally, running a 19" wheel with a slightly thicker tire sidewall provides some peace-of-mind on these unpredictable New England roads. 

The current set-up...

Volk Racing TE37SL (before application of the sticker)

Front: 19x9.5" (+22) on Hankook Ventus V12 255/40/19
Rear: 19x10.5" (+22) on Hankook Ventus V12 275/35/19

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