Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Here...

The HellaFlush trend is making its way to the V36 platform. This is the G37 of MyG37 member, Ninjastatus.

I respect the notion of challenging the status quo, pushing limits, and uniquely establishing crazes that eventually evolve into timeless trends. However, my issue with the stanced movement in the Z/G community arises from the simple fact that these are supposed to be drivers' cars. The Z is a sports car and the G is a "luxury" sports car. The electrifying experience of mashing the gas pedal into the floor around a corner becomes null and void when the vehicle is hard-pressed to maneuver over an acorn in the road. When the front bumper and the exhaust piping are scraping the ground regularly, owning and modifying that vehicle has become more about attracting the attention of others than enjoying the machine's capabilities for one's self. My line of tolerance and indulgence in this trend is drawn when the shock and awe of an onlooker takes priority to the driving experience.

Afterall, how much fun is the driver of this G37 really having as he scrapes the undercarriage trying to negotiate this slightly inclined driveway entrance at 2MPH? Is it worth it?

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