Sunday, March 27, 2011

Project G37S: Building a Bit More Than a Car

When I started this blog, my introductory post stated that I pride myself on the research, time, and money that go into my projects, as well as the people with whom I surround myself to provide service, guidance, and advice. Over the course of the last year I have been lucky enough to meet, and establish relationships with, some great people in this industry. I am not naive enough to believe that there are not five or even ten unscrupulous or shady personalities for every one reputable character out there in the aftermarket parts world, but I feel confident suggesting that, at this point, I am doing okay.

The aftermarket parts industry is a business. People and companies need to make money. However, I can buy parts from anyone. It's the intangible qualities that attract me and leave an impression. A palpable passion and commitment to the industry and the culture, as well as acceptance and understanding of the customer's vision are some of the qualities that separate certain people and shops from others. That is what I hope to experience when I encounter new industry personalities. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have established some great relationships within this industry. Whether it be from Brian (JT Motoring), who has been with me from the beginning - weeks after I purchased the G, always willing to offer advice and opinion, sometimes until the early hours of the morning, or Ben (Bulletproof Automotive), who has not only helped me to procure some rare JDM parts, but also will not hesitate to offer me sound advice and guidance. Ben has become much more than a great resource over the years; he is someone I no consider a friend.

An outsider looking in, I readily admit that I do not maintain a complete working knowledge of the inner methods of the Japanese tuning industry. However, I feel strongly in my assertion that passion and respect is the essence of what it means to be a JDM purist. These guys possess that passion, and therefore, my respect and reverence. The positive and noteworthy experiences with the good people in the industry are what make modding enjoyable.

I'm enjoying my project...

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