Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Project G37S: Final Goodbye...

Here are some of the final shots of the G as it was taken away a couple weeks ago. It was about 95% back to stock when I sold it. Aside from the high-flow cats, shift boots, e-brake lever, and painted headlights and grille (and a couple JDMphasis decals), everything was returned to OEM. I had to track down a set of stock wheels as I, hastily, sold my 19" Infiniti sport wheels a couple years ago. This turned out to be a grand mistake.

[Enter the flatbed.]

I purchased these OEM wheels and then found out, after mounting them, that one of the tires would not hold air. Not the end of the world. I planned to get it plugged. I told the buyer that one of the tires needed to be repaired. I also told him that they should be refinished as the previous owner attempted to paint them and they were in tough shape with chips and scratches everywhere. I informed the buyer that I would do it prior to the sale. He told me not to worry about it and, thus, sent a flatbed and planned on repairing the tire and having the wheels refinished himself. However, over the next couple days, as he searched for the leak, he discovered that the tire was fine. He dismounted it from the wheel and it turns out that there was actually a crack in the wheel! He had it sent away to have it repaired and I was left feeling like a shady crook, apologizing and refunding money from the sale of the car. 

Lesson learned. My advice? HOLD ON TO YOUR STOCK PARTS! I actually knew, when I started the G, that I should keep my stock parts. In fact, I had planned on it. I had dealt with the hassle of tracking down parts in previous projects. Then the G started evolving into something special and I thought I would hold on to it and build it forever. Well... Even if you believe your current build is a "forever" project, there is always a chance that things will change. Avoid the headaches that follow the instant gratification of a few hundred dollars in your pocket by holding onto your OEM parts.


Anyway, you live and learn. The G was a fun journey. I was not done with it when I decided to let it go, but I believe I built a nice car with some pretty rare and unique parts. From the one-off Amuse exhaust system, to the prototype Project Mu big brake kit, and, among other things, the discontinued Bride seats, I know I will miss that project. The G is now gone and I am planning out the build route for the FD… Hopefully it can evolve into something just as special.

Stay Tuned.

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