Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Project FD: Off to a slow start...

So, as the title of this post suggests, Project FD is off to a slow start. That is okay by me, as I am in no rush with this project. At least for the moment… I would be lying if I said I am not antsy. Of course, I research parts and create 'build lists' every day, but I am, for the moment, sticking to my disciplined plan to hold off on any parts purchases for a few months. I do not know that I am going to make it until August, as I initially hoped, but I am staying strong. (My only purchase to this point has been a case of premix.) Nonetheless, I figure I may as well provide a little update.

I finally sold the G yesterday. At approximately 5:00PM EST a flatbed picked up a 95% stock G37S with a flat tire (come to find out - a cracked wheel) and it is out of my life forever. That was a fun journey, but now a new project officially begins. Quite bluntly, the RX-7 has been sitting since I took delivery. I start it every few days and let it run for a bit, but I only just got it registered this past week and have yet to have it inspected.

I transferred the tags of the G to the FD…

So, I guess that means I am going to have to buy an R1 system!

Though, as big an Amuse fan as I am, I do not think this will be my first modification. I am not 100% certain what parts I will order first, but an exhaust system is not my biggest priority.

On another note, is it acceptable to sport a JDMEGO plate from if I am rolling on stock wheels for a while? (Of course it is! OEM over cheap or replica wheels every day of the week!)

There is not too much more to report at this time. It takes time to save up money for a proper build. Thank you for bearing with me. I promise this project will eventually pick up some steam…

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  1. Oh yeah JDMEGO license plate on a stock car. We are doing the same thing with my Wife's BRZ for right now.


    One thing about his plate frames is that they are always true. People try to tell her how slow the BRZ is and then she just drifts away with a big smile on her face. Anxious to see the build take off. It's going to be great.

    1. Nice BRZ! I really like that color. I haven't driven one yet, but everything I have seen/read suggests that it is a very fun car to drive. Horsepower isn't everything. Thanks for checking in on the blog and I assure you that I am quite anxious myself for my build to take off… A few more months!