Saturday, February 15, 2014

Beauty and a Beast

My absolute favorite R34…

I have an extensive library of images of this car saved on my computer, as there is just something about it that separates it from the immense internet anthology of GT-Rs. Below are a few of the front-running, choice shots… 

Top Secret and Ken Blanck are killing it with this rolling work of art. I write that in the present tense because this car is constantly improving, enhancing, and transcending. I am a big fan of the Top Secret G-Force front grill/bumper with the monstrous intercooler peering through its vast opening. Currently sitting on Limited Editon Volk Racing TE37 wheels (also pictured rolling on the Tokyo Time Attack variant of the timeless Volk design), this Top Secret-tuned V-SPEC II Nur R34 is pushing 900BHP, while capable of over 1100BHP. Ken has built an all-around beautiful car that can not only perform quite competently, but also rather effortlessly, by way of its alluring aesthetics, stimulate the salivary glands of those lucky enough to find themselves in its presence. 

Keep up the good work, Ken. Continue raising the bar! 

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