Monday, May 16, 2011

This is not about exhausts...

Anticipating the installation of my new exhaust, I recently found myself going through some old pictures of my previous systems. I had four different exhaust set-ups on my Z before landing on one with which I was happy. This will be my second system for the G.

Either you ARE or you ARE NOT. I am... 

A dog person, that is.

A little over two years ago, I lost my 15 month-old English Mastiff puppy. One day I awoke to her motionless on the floor in the same spot I had left her the night before. This was peculiar because she did not enjoy being alone. In leaving her there, I had just assumed she would get up and follow me to my bedroom and sleep by my side, as she did every other night. An extremely affectionate pup, she always wanted to be in the company of humans, her head often resting contentedly on a foot or knee.

On this morning, she could barely move. After three trips to different animal hospitals and consultations with multiple veterinarians, the determination was made that she had fallen victim to an infection that attacked her spine, rendering her paralyzed from the "waist" down. A week's worth of treatment resulted in no improvement in her condition. Left to ponder quality of life issues of a paralyzed 200 pound puppy, I was faced with the most difficult decision of my life to this point. In the end, with the support of family and friends, I concluded that there were no options for a healthy, enjoyable life for my "best girl."

As the shot was administered, I held her big head in my arms and felt her drift away...

In viewing the old pictures of my previous exhaust systems, I came across one that quickly aroused some earnest emotions in me. I had been taking pictures of the first system I had installed on my Z, a Borla cat-back, to list in the classified sections of a few forums. Three month-old Lola came over to survey the situation...

We give them the love we can spare, the time we can spare.
In return, dogs have given us their absolute all.
It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made.

Caras, Roger. A Celebration of Dogs. New York, NY: Times Books, 1982.

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