Thursday, May 5, 2011

A JDM Fellowship

Last night, as I sent an e-mail off to Ben at Bulletproof, I refreshed his blog (which is seemingly always open on my desktop) to find another engrossing enlightenment on the reality of the strain knock-offs are placing on this industry. I encourage everyone to read it. If you are at all like me, you will likely read it more than once.

The timing of this got me thinking...

I had just finished writing an e-mail where I was requesting prices for parts for the G, that, if I order today, I will not receive for at least three months. These parts are not cheap. Meanwhile, I am currently still awaiting the arrival of the exhaust system I purchased from Ben back in February.

I finish this e-mail and find myself reading a captivating piece about knock-offs.

There is little in the way of browsing internet automotive forums that digs into my side more than reading posts where unenlightened members are praising a car that has cut corners with replica and knock-off parts. These are parts that can be ordered today for a third of the price of the real thing and be sitting at your front door in a week and a half. I see it daily. However, as agitated, vexed, and provoked as I find myself reading the comments of those people who know no better and seeing the owners of these cars insolently patting themselves on the back for a perceived job well done, I consider the true enthusiasts of this industry... True JDMophiles.

I finished reading Ben's post about knock-offs (which, by the way, I have seen cross-posted five times already) and noticed at the end he gave a 'shout-out' to Jay over at JDMEGO for religiously perpetuating his defense of authenticity. Ironic. Ironic because just a couple days before I had sent Jay an e-mail expressing my admiration and respect for his work, while commending him on a blog post he had made about an Evo whose owner was "doing it right." Concise, irrefutable, and on-point with all that I believe...

Take notice Hypebeasts. It takes time to build a quality car deserving of magazines and websites. This car is still being built up. No rush to get on a stance site or be the latest cool guy on the forum with  fake wheels just to have a tight offset. So Rad and rare to see things done right in this day and age of bullshit cars all over the web.

Defend Authenticity. It does matter.

Well said, Jay.

A few days later I had an envelope waiting for me. In it...

Very cool. Thanks, JDMEGO. 

I have said it on more than one occasion, and I know I will say it again... I have made some great relationships as a result of my automotive endeavors. People like Ben and Jay drive my passion for this "hobby" and certainly have my respect. For every borderline infuriating forum thread I read or picture I see of a car riddled with knock-off parts accumulating high praise, I can take solace in the fact that there are still some true enthusiasts out there. Ben and Jay are two people to whom I consider myself lucky to have made a connection. Their enthusiasm, zeal, and passion for this industry and the JDM culture is second to none. I, for one, praise their efforts and will continue to do so. Thank you. 

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