Thursday, August 3, 2017

Project Z33: One [Small] Step at a Time...

Last week was a good week as it relates to the Z project. Personally, my week was awful. Automotive-ly, very good.

As many of you know, I began purchasing parts for the Z minutes after I arranged transport of the vehicle from Pennsylvania. (I may have even made a few purchases before I even owned the car.) I have parts piled up here in Massachusetts. I had parts piled up in Bulletproof Automotive's warehouse in California. They had been there for well over a year just collecting dust. I had been in semi-serious conversation with, at this point, three different people from Bulletproof about the prospect of shipping my Z out to the West Coast in stock form and having them execute the build top to bottom completely transforming the car in a sort of radical 'Before and After' experiment. However, ultimately, I decided against this, in large part, due to the financial implications.

Anyway, I received a few large boxes last week. It was like Christmas morning as a little kid. An enthusiasm for this build has been heightened. I elected not to unwrap every single part, as I knew it would be a chore to re-wrap and box everything up again for storage, as I have a strong feeling it will be a while before I am able to begin work on the car. 

Just imagine - had I chosen a replica body kit, eBay exhaust, and Varrstoen wheels, I could already be rolling around in an e-famous Z build. Doing things right with legitimate parts is such a drag!

A few teasers of the newly acquired swag:

Amuse Super 'Custom' Legerra R1 Black Titan Exhaust w/ Long Tips… YUP!

I love this stuff!

I'm really diggin' the mean and clean look of this exhaust system. 

INGS+1 Type-E Rear

INGS+1 Z-Power Wing Type II. Stoked for this thing!


Front 8-POT caliper w/ 380MM rotor. (The color is more of a traditional orange than these pictures suggest.)

The $20 is for scale… And to illustrate my remaining build budget.

JDMphasis… Innovation over Imitation

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