Friday, October 7, 2016

Project Z33: PowerHouse Amuse R1 Black Titan Superleggera Custom

It is wordy, but that is what the man Matsui-San dubbed the custom exhaust that PowerHouse Amuse built for me. Yeah. I am okay with that. I received word earlier in the week that my exhaust was Stateside.

As I mentioned in an earlier post (Project Z33: Amuse Exhaust Update) describing the conceptualizing, design, and construction of this exhaust, my desire was a custom system that was not quite as flashy as my previous custom quad set-up for the G, but something that worked well with my Type E aero and still had that Amuse flare. This system looks to be something that will look rather subtle from afar, but really pop up close. To someone who knows no better, they may not look twice at it. However, for someone who knows anything about Amuse, I think this exhaust will have that "WOW factor" and be recognized as something a bit more than an "off-the-shelf" Amuse system. Needless to say, I am looking forward to seeing it up close and personal.

Here is a little blurb from my friend Bo of Bulletproof Automotive, the man responsible for helping me procure this piece of automotive art.

Throughout the years here at Bulletproof Automotive, we encounter a few special people looking to do a very special build. They come to us requesting some super awesome, rare, one of a kind, JDM parts to really set their build apart. They know the value of premium, quality, authentic JDM parts and realize those are the only parts worthy of their builds.
This exhaust is definitely one of those incredible pieces that we receive from time to time and we were absolutely blown away when we saw it.
Our longtime good friend and client contacted us asking for a one of a kind exhaust for his amazing Z33 350Z build. Being a longtime Amuse super-fan, Bill asked us to have Amuse make him a special, custom exhaust system that would suit his upcoming build. We went directly to the owner of Amuse and gave him the specs of what our client wanted and he went to work.
I introduce to you the PowerHouse Amuse R1 Black Titan Superleggera Custom. Specially customized by the president of Amuse with his own two hands. This exhaust not only has the special Limited Edition Black Titan finished tips, our client and longtime friend requested to have the ultra rare R1 Titan logo to be laser etched horizontally to the tips. Having an etched logo is rare to begin with but to have the special placement of that logo on the top of the exhaust tip is something really special and took quite a bit longer to accomplish. Luckily our friend is incredibly patient.

All that out of the way, enjoy some of the quick snaps I received of the exhaust.

Stay tuned for more Project Z33 build updates…

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