Saturday, May 7, 2016

Project FJ: Finally pulled the trigger on rubber!

My plans for this truck have vacillated considerably over the past six months or so. I have spent months researching tire sizes and conversions to the point where I decided I just needed to make a decision and go with it. One would think that it would be relatively simple to find a set-up on a forum by way of a picture of the desired lift and stance desired. However, I have to say, it is not an easy feat. I have searched and searched and searched with no luck. Perhaps I am too particular of exactly how I want this truck to look. Either way, I have taken a bit of a leap of faith with the tire on which I ultimately decided. I believe we should be okay. Nonetheless, if we experience any rubbing at all, I think minimal trimming will remedy the situation.

Without further ado, here is the rubber we will be sporting…

BF Goodrich T/A KO2

Oh, and in case you have forgotten on what wheels these tires will be mounted…

Volk Racing TE37 Large PCD

JDMphasis… Innovation over Imitation

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