Friday, April 22, 2016

Project Z33: Second Thoughts...

It happens. No matter how much you plan and research then plan and research then plan some more before you finally pull the trigger on a purchase, it is still possible to have a regret over a part choice. Often times it does not happen before the part has even made its way onto the vehicle.

This has happened to me, I think. I researched mirrors for the Z for a few months and I decided on the VeilSide VIII Aero Mirrors. I wanted something different and I liked the sleek, simple design. That has not changed. I do like these mirrors a lot. The main reason I am second-guessing myself is that, contradicting my initial impressions of the two sets of mirrors, I actually think the Craft Square mirrors will flow with my build theme more so than the VeilSide mirrors. I did not originally want to do Craft Square because I feel like that is the default for aftermarket mirrors. A lot of people choose these mirrors. But I suppose there is a reason for that.

A nice shot of a Craft Square TC-N1 (long neck) by Jason Hoang of

Here is a set of the short-neck TC-F mirrors on an INGS+1 kitted Z33...
(Capture Credit: ISS Forged)

(Capture Credit:

A set of the TC-F on a sick Amuse Superleggera Z33 rolling on TE37s... 
(Capture Credit: Travis Garcia Photography)

(Capture Credit: Travis Garcia Photography)

Really sharp! I think I may be placing my order (TC-N for me, I think) within the next few days…

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