Thursday, October 10, 2013

Conflict of interest?

I recently came across a vendor's Facebook page advertising Volk Racing replica wheels. A few days later they were advertising Rays Engineering and Volk Racing stickers and decals. Not only did this annoy me a bit, but it reminded me of the following memo regarding Rays Authorized Dealers issued by Mackin a few years back... (Yes, I have posted this before.)

For all I know, everything could be on the up-and-up here (which is why I have refrained from referencing the name of this vendor). On top of that, this particular issue is not exactly the same as the scenario outlined in the memo above. However, I do not think it is an irrational stretch to suggest that Rays Engineering would not be overjoyed with the practice of a company knowingly selling authentic decals to replica wheel owners. According to the Rays website, this particular company is not a R.A.D., which, I assume is, sadly, the reason that not much can be done about this. Que sera, sera.

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