Monday, March 4, 2013

T.R.A. Kyoto & Rocket Bunny via Maiham Media

If you have a few minutes (and have not already), I encourage you to check out this great 6+ minute video interview (Props to Luke Huxham & Dino Dalle Carbonare!) with the visionary behind the ever-so-popular Rocket Bunny aero kit for the GT86/FR-S and personality behind Japan's T.R.A. Kyoto, 42 year-old Kei Miura. Always interested in hearing direct from the talented innovators and creators of Japan's greatest designs, I find the minute or so he speaks of the technology and process of developing an aero prototype particularly intriguing, especially the mention of the fact that it takes one month, start to finish, to develop a prototype for one kit, one platform. I encourage you to consider that the next time you are contemplating giving your money to a replica company that purchased one kit from a small shop in Japan, spent minimal money copying the mold, and is charging you a fraction of the cost of that original. Consider the repercussions. Replicas harm the industry...


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