Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Z34 with Sharp Corners

I often wonder if I should have opted for a Z34 over the V36 coupe. While I owned my Z33, I constantly rode the seesaw of debate over whether I would have been happier in a V35. So it seemed only natural for me to choose the Infiniti label this time around. While I do not regret the decision to opt for the G, I think I would prefer a Z. The grass is always greener, right? I miss the tight, sportiness of that car. I miss the shorter wheelbase and the smaller, cockpit-like cabin. Of course, I think I would have a blast modifying a Z, as well. There is a larger enthusiast base and, thus, more aftermarket options.

With more great JDM aftermarket options come many more parasitic replica companies out to make a buck off a stolen design. In browsing the Z boards, it is not often that you find a project that contains no cut corners. There are certainly some authentic parts floating around, but there are far more fake parts being showcased. Occasionally a project with a mixture of both authentic and replica parts surfaces. More often you will see a project riddled with replica parts and, sadly, it is seldom that you will find a project consisting of all authentic parts. Last year JDMphasis showcased one Z34 whose owner not only embraces the Innovation over Imitation ethos in his support of the masterminds and pioneers of the industry, but who also educates others of the damage replicas and knock-offs do to the industry.

I would like to share another Z that is adorned with authentic parts. Mikael's Z is sporting authentic Top Secret parts including exhaust, intakes, carbon fiber front lip, carbon side skirts, and carbon door pillars. The suspension is Tanabe and Advan and Enkei are the JDM wheel brands of choice that have been mounted on this Z. When Mikael drifts this beauty, he uses a Nismo shift knob and plants himself in Bride seats.

JDMphasis... Innovation over Imitation

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