Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reflecting... Thank You

As JDMphasis approaches a small milestone in terms of page impressions, I have found myself considering the path this domain has taken. As I mentioned early on, the inspiration for this blog is my passion for the parts of the Japanese Domestic Market as well as the advocacy for Innovation over Imitation. We make an effort to seek out the parts that are truly impressive, rare, and that exemplify the Innovation over Imitation credo, as well as the cars that we believe have helped to shape the industry we love. I am humbled by the amount of followers and increasing readership, especially since I know my opinions, in terms of anti-corner-cutting modification preaching, are not shared by many. However, I received an e-mail from a reader of JDMphasis last week that was a breath of fresh air. A really good guy who happens to have a replica body kit on his car (and some objectivity) granted me permission to share a portion of his message:

I thank you endlessly for "fighting the good fight." In the sea of what is the norm, it would be easy for most to be lost without guidance of the likes that you provide. I wish there were more of it and more people would speak out against replica parts instead of praising them like they do. It is the praise that these cars (unfortunately, mine included) receive that really is the death of the "real." People will always make and successfully sell replica parts, there is no stopping that. But the new(er) found allowance and support of this is the penultimate blow, in my opinion... I have purchased knock-off parts, I have fit the mold of people that hurt this industry, but hopefully one day my car can be the focus of a story you blog about and call it 'Preaching to the Now Converted.'

I hope so, too...

I do not share the e-mail of this reader to pat myself on the back for a job well done. I share it because it gives me hope. It allows me to illustrate that, despite the overwhelming amount of replica/knock-off parts permeating the market, there are still some true enthusiasts out there. Sometimes they just need direction and/or some enlightenment. 

As we approach the 2-year anniversary of the first JDMphasis post, I just want to express my sincere gratitude to the loyal followers, readers, the enthusiasts rocking our stickers on their rides, for all the Facebook LIKEs, for all the 'shares,' as well as a big Thank You to our fellow bloggers who have added us to their blogroll, and to all the people who have supported, encouraged, and applauded JDMphasis

JDMphasis... Innovation over Imitation


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    1. P.S. - If you'd like, shoot me an e-mail with a mailing address and I will send you some decals.

    2. Thank you for the kind offer! Just shot you an email.

  2. It's fair to say that JDMphasis has help a few of us, myself included want to do more to support JDM. I've never been one to rock replicas but it wasn't until recently that I decided to take it a step further and embrace JDM fully. So thank you and keep inspiring us.

    1. Wow. I appreciate the kind words, Tevi... Keep doing what you're doing, man. Your ride just keeps getting better and better. Thank you for supporting us.