Sunday, September 16, 2012

Because Forums.

It should be prevailing knowledge to every internet-trolling car owner out there to accept what is read on automotive forums with an enormous shaker of reduced sodium salt. As I have noted in the past, automotive forums can be a great source of information where consultation and exchange of ideas and experiences can prove quite helpful. A place to share the latest crazes and trends, as well as a means to unite automotive enthusiasts, the forums can be an invaluable resource. However, as much benefit as they serve, forums can play an equally detrimental role, as well. One cannot be certain from where the information being discharged is coming. A clueless teenager, a zealot with an agenda, a legitimate modding enthusiast, or a seasoned mechanic - Who knows?

I came across this picture of a questionably modified V36 coupe on a forum recently.

When the issue of the hood gap surfaced, the explanation by a member certainly grabbed my attention.  The improper justification for the poor-fitting Top Secret replica hood was qualified with, "I read it somewhere."

The comment:
"The gap is for increased air flow in the engine compartment. The air goes in that gap and the grille and comes out the top vents. Nothing caused it. It was designed that way. You can look at the picture and see that."

Explanation for the mis-information being spewed by this ill-advised member: Because forums.
Explanation for the hood fitment issues: Because SEIBON.

In short, just be cautious, wary, and skeptical of what you read on internet forums.

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