Thursday, June 14, 2012

Project G37S: TEIN USA Feature

Never done. Never satisfied.

Sentiments that surround this project. When plans are in the works, parts in transit, or even when the wheels in my head are just starting to turn in contemplation of what I want to do next, I find myself powerless to simply step back and enjoy what has already been accomplished. Not a particularly admirable quandary in which to find one's self - feeling as though your car is not quite where it should be. However, it is not a stretch to suggest that this mindset of insufficiency, shortcoming, and, perhaps, imperfection is a common posture among enthusiasts. I think that is why we call them projects. A project is constantly-evolving. It is not supposed to ever be "done." The desire to improve overrides any feelings of content or complacency. Discovering that balance where one can enjoy what has been achieved while still striving to improve is where the challenge lies.

 Along those lines... Well over a year ago, my buddy, Brian, related to me that TEIN USA wanted to feature the G on their blog. I was reluctant because, of course, the car was not where I wanted it to be. "Let's wait a couple months until the next stage is complete." Fast forward to today... We are currently in the midst of some very exciting modifications. Ironically (and not surprisingly), I am really looking forward to the next few months, further perpetuating that endless cycle of insatiability...

I executed a Google search today on something completely unrelated and I stumbled upon this:

Notwithstanding my exciting upcoming modifications, I suppose now is as good a time as ever. 

I need to make a better effort to enjoy this project.

Thanks, TEIN.

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