Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"The real industry is all of us."

Then don't steal.

I had never heard of wheelindustry.com until I received a link to this picture a few days ago. It appears to be an online gallery/blog of various vehicles featuring different aftermarket wheels. There are some very nice cars and some very nice wheels showcased on the site. However, with the unifying tag line that "the industry is all of us," one might assume that a representative of this site might reach out to a fellow member of this supposed harmonious community of enthusiasts and ask permission, not only to use their photograph, but, to cover up the photograph's original watermark with that of their own. After browsing the gallery for a few minutes, I realized that the photographs of my car are not the only ones that have fallen victim to this site. There are multiple photographs with their original photographic trademark covered with that of the wheelindustry.com watermark.

To be honest, I'm not exactly infuriated by this, as this site covered up the logo watermark of a once-trusted shop that did some work on my car. This shop took advantage of me as a customer. As a result of my poor experience, I will never recommend the services of that particular shop to another automotive enthusiast. 

Nonetheless, lacking here is a certain, distinct principle of implicit professional integrity.

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