Monday, October 24, 2011

Project G37S: A Top Secret Venture

Setting this G apart from the rest has been a goal of this project from the outset. Having the only G37 Amuse exhaust in the US, the only retro-fit Forged Slim Project Mu big brake kit, and being among, if not, the first to don a set of Volk Racing TE37SL's on a G37 are among the notable undertakings of this project to this point. With the recent acquisition of the rare Zele Performance body kit, I wanted to, again, distance this car from all others.

I like the Zele rear. However, I believe it needs something else.

Zele Stock Photos

Thus, I did not purchase the rear spats to complement the bumper. Instead, I opted to take a little gamble. I was able to get my hands on a Z33 Top Secret rear diffuser. I am going to attempt to retro-fit this diffuser to the Zele rear bumper.

A bit skeptical of this venture, Brian and I did a rough test-fit with some standing jacks to get an idea of the potential outcome.

Some modification will be necessary. Custom brackets will need to be fabricated and the diffuser will have to be trimmed to clear the exhaust. It is difficult to gauge just how low the diffuser will hang, so, in many ways, this modification is scary. Cutting up a carbon fiber diffuser from Top Secret and drilling into a Zele rear bumper is something that puts a small knot in my stomach. However, the end result could very well be worth the risk.

We will see... Stay tuned.

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