Thursday, October 6, 2011

Project G37S: Lights at the End of the Tunnel

I received an e-mail update yesterday regarding the progress being made on the G. I understand the exhaust is now complete, the intakes are on, and the car has been tuned. Other than that, I was not provided with too much information. I believe Scott and the guys at Kaizen Tuning want the unveiling to be a bit of a surprise, so they are reluctant to keep me apprised of too much. Surprisingly, that is okay by me. I trust them... I should have the car back in my possession next week at some point.

Last week, as I was looking at the car from the front, aero complete, I found myself quite content with the new bumper. Aggressive, but tasteful. Not over-the-top at all. However, something was amiss...

I have always been averse to modifying my headlights for a couple reasons. The first being the concern of condensation. I have seen multiple sets of modified headlights resembling that empty water bottle that has been sitting for a few days - lenses hazy, riddled with tiny beads of water. That is not an issue I have ever found myself desiring. Thus, I have been hesitant to open up my lights. The other main concern is, quite simply, appearance. I do not particularly enjoy cars whose headlights are so busy that they steal focus from the rest of the project.

Putting my reservations aside, I took a deep breath and pulled the trigger on modifying the headlights. I believe that is the change the front end of the G needs to set it off nicely. Entrusting them to Scott's 'Light Guy,' Jason, my only instructions were "simple and clean."

Before Smoked Chrome

Carbon Sidemarker

After Smoked Chrome

Modified vs. Stock

Detailed Explanation of Headlight Modifications
  • Satin (semi-gloss) Black Housing
  • Gunmetal Projector Shroud
  • Carbon Amber Sidemarker
  • Smoked Film over Chrome

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