Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More Vendor Hypocrisy?

Some of you who follow JDMphasis may remember I made a post a few months ago, where I questioned a forum vendor's response to a member ripping off their grounding kit. (Vendor Hypocrisy? Or just par for the course?)

I recently came across a vendor's introductory post on the G37 forum. It was followed by a few more threads. Instead of paraphrasing the content of the threads...

MyG37, we are back!! After a year of focusing on the growth of our business and getting our race program up to date we are excited to be carrying parts IN STOCK again for the G37. Most vendors on here just dropship, they never truly stock the parts or even install them. Import DPS is a full service, 12,000 Square Foot Facility that was just remodeled into a Loft Style Store. We prefer elegance, quality and speed over the online illusion most of these places have. Our customer service and attention to detail are what make us one of the best places to shop from.

Then a thread advertising the GReddy Spectrum Elite exhaust:
Greddy aka Trust has been around for many years. Without companies like Trust, half the market would of never existed. They are the true OG's for exhaust systems and have been making Nissan parts for a very long time. One of the reasons we push these types of products as opposed to the knockoff's!

Tein springs and coilovers:
Tein Suspensions have been around for years. They pretty much pioneered the knockoff movement so that is one of the main reasons here at Import DPS we believe in carrying only the companies who can produce a part. Tein has shown there ability to do so time and time again. With our great on hand stock and free shipping, you just can't beat our deals!

Fine. I believe you. You are superior to every other vendor out there. You hold yourself to a higher standard. You don't drop-ship. Those darn vendors who drop-ship could not possibly be as in-tune with the industry and tuning world as you. You only sell the good stuff, right? You take a stand against knock-offs, right?

This vendor, making a return to the forums after improving their business, boasts of their large facility by posting pretty pictures of the showroom:

Is that a set of Super Advans on the bottom shelf of that wheel rack?

Are those Advan RS's, Volk TE37's, Volk GTC's, Work Emotion CR-KAI's, and Nismo LMGT4's?

No. They're not. They're all fake, knock-off wheels. 

In navigating the website of this vendor, I can see that they sell ROTA, VIS Racing, and SEIBON. I realize there is little that I can do to prevent a vendor from putting a few dollars in their wallet by selling replica parts. However, I suppose I can use this blog to call them out on their hypocrisy and urge them to keep their insolent hubris in check. Please do not come on the forums and post as if you're the savior to the tuning industry, as well as all enthusiasts. Do not feign superiority to all the other vendors out there. Quite simply, do not pretend to be something you are not. You may have some of the naïve, uneducated members of the forums fooled, but any true enthusiast will be able to see vendors like this for what they really are; like the parts they sell - phony.

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