Thursday, August 25, 2011

2011 JTran Studio Summer Meet, courtesy of Mayday Garage

Some photographic coverage of the 2011 JTran Studio Summer Meet 
(Image credit: Mayday Garage) 

My initial motivation for re-posting these images was to express my jealousy and envy of the following Z's sporting what appear to be Do-Luck body kits. There was a period, once upon a time, when balancing the federal budget would have been considered a manageable task juxtaposed with procuring this particular body kit. I know. There were less than a handful of Z's in the US with this kit. In my attempts to get my hands on this rare aero, I dealt with three different vendors and received the "run-around" from Do-Luck USA directly back in 2006 and 2007. Enduring an extremely frustrating and unpleasant experience for 18 months (!), I finally requested a refund and opted to outfit my Z33 with Amuse and INGS+1 components.

You can imagine my surprise when I saw these two Z's almost six years later present at the same meet, sporting the very kit that I tried so hard to get for over a year and a half. I do have doubts as to the authenticity of these kits, but nonetheless, the Do-Luck Z33 kit does remain among my favorite aero for the Z.

(If you look closely, you will notice a couple slight fitment issues.)

Just a cool shot of a Bride begging for an occupant...

Thanks again to the good guys at Mayday Garage for allowing me to use their images... 

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