Monday, February 14, 2011

Project G37S: Hurry Up and Wait

Patience is a virtue.

As with anything worthwhile, modifying one's cherished car can induce daily feelings of angst, stress, and uneasy anticipation. The popular idiom 'hurry up and wait' then becomes the begrudgingly accepted maxim of an enthusiast. One can scrupulously plan out the modifications, frugally hoard the necessary funds, and then, finally, place the orders for the coveted parts. At that point, however, the wait is hardly over. Still left with the order processing downtime, shipping delays (which can be several weeks for those rare JDM parts), and coordinating shop time, the consummation - installed parts - is surely not something that can be thrown together overnight.

Wheels presumably stacked nicely in an unused nook or corner at JT Motoring, test pipes tightly wound in bubble wrap in the trunk of the G, Y-pipe and exhaust order in Japanese process or shipment any day now, I find myself attempting to calculate the incalculable number of days before I will be relishing the new modifications. Perhaps a bit hyperbolic, this process can be considered by some to be a modest variation of self-torture. Torture that will undoubtedly be worth all the unnecessary dolor and distress when all is said-and-done...

Thus, I wait...

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