Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project G37S: Particular Planning & Progression

The importance of planning a project cannot be overstated. An enthusiast modifying a car should consider his goals and objectives of the build before making big decisions. This is often easier said than done. I speak from experience... I, myself, have much to learn. However, I am attempting to do that presently, as I plan the next stage of this build. For instance, I am about to spend a considerable amount of money on a new exhaust system. An exhaust system alone is not going to grant significant horsepower gains on the G37. Aesthetics, sound, rarity, and repute are all factors in my decisions. I know I am not going to gain 30 horsepower with the installation of this system. I am well aware of the road down which I am traveling. I am installing a rare and expensive exhaust that not only enhances the melodious note of the G's exhaust, but contributes to the explicit theme of this project.

Brian and I are also examining fabrication of an intake system for the G. Again, an endeavor that will not likely be inexpensive. However, in evaluating the plans and goals for this vehicle, I believe this is an option I want to explore. I can already hear a critic remarking upon how, with the addition of the pricey new full exhaust system as well as the custom intakes, that I could have been well on my way to a VQ36 outfitted with a supercharger or twin turbo set-up.

My response to those comments will be, simply, that I thoroughly enjoy the naturally aspirated VQ engine. Although there are faster cars than the G on the road, 330+ horsepower is no slacker. I enjoy mashing my foot on the gas pedal and ripping through the gears without having to worry about losing the rear end or spinning the rear tires enough to lose control. I enjoy the crisp wide open throttle exhaust note. That is not to say that I would not enjoy the added thrill of a ~450 horsepower supercharged G - I know I would. In weighing the pros and cons of forced induction, however, I believe it is in my best interest to remain naturally aspirated. How often would I really be able to utilize all the power granted me by way of a twin turbo or supercharger set-up anyway?

Moreover, the last thing I need is more attention from law enforcement.

As mentioned above, my mind is always changing in regards to the direction of this project. I cannot say with complete certainty that I will never supercharge the G, but I can say that, as of this moment, I am rather enthused about the modification plan being discussed presently.


  1. Nice blog & build. I can definitely appreciate your approach to exhaust. While I love the sound of mine, the dB level is the often times the killer. Can't wait to see what else you have in store.

  2. Thank you. I actually really like the Fujitsubo Legalis-R that I have now. The sound is tame and I love the subtle stock-like appearance. I think just adding high flow cats or test pipes to the current set-up would give me a nice growl. However, I know I will not be disappointed with the new system. It is a bit more aggressive. I inquired via e-mail with Ben at Bulletproof about it today. Hopefully it won't be long before I have it in my hands. I am really looking forward. Anyway, thanks for checking out the blog. I added your page to my bookmarks.