Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Project G37S: Project Mu Update...

After months of investigation, research, inquiry, some trial-and-error, and what is likely a few abounding phone bills for Brian and JT Motoring, we are ready for the installation of the Project Mu big brake kit. This stage of the project has proved to be a challenge, if for no other reason, because we are venturing into unchartered waters. No one has ever attempted this modification before, so, in some ways, luck will play a role in the end result. There are parts from multiple Project Mu big brake kits that, after careful research and inquisition by way of e-mails and phone calls to multiple resources, we have strewn together to get this right.

The G was dropped off at JT yesterday. I should have it back in my possession by tomorrow evening.

I snapped a couple quick pictures before I left...

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