Monday, December 13, 2010

"The Mod Bug"

Often, one starts out declaring, "I don't have too much planned for this car. I'm just going to do a modest drop with some sport springs and a set of wheels and I'll be done." A few months and many budget allocations later, a full-fledged project is underway. A popular phrase used in describing what happens to an enthusiast, The Mod Bug takes his first bite.

Despite the time, resources, consideration, debate, and deliberation devoted to the modification process, a simple change of heart or succumbing to the allure of something new and/or rare and different is a common occurrence when it comes to choosing parts for my car. I try to take my time, do all necessary research, and make sure I am excited about a modification before making a purchase. However, sometimes, upon completion, I'm not 100% satisfied for any number of different reasons. I think that is part of the challenge of successfully building a car of which one can be proud. It is never done. There is always something that can be improved. It is a constantly evolving project. I believe any true enthusiast suffers from this same, or similar, affliction. This is from where the phrase "money pit" stems, as it has become popular among enthusiasts. The week after a modification stage is completed, I am already thinking of the next stage, or next round of modifications...

In this light, an example... I am always looking at new wheels for the G. I like new and different. I like things I have not seen much, if ever, before. And, of course, I like JDM. I am not taking anything away from other wheel manufacturers out there - there are many quality wheels made in America and Europe, I have no doubt. However, I do not think my car will ever sport anything other than Advan, Volk, Work, SSR... The pioneers. I picture different set-ups. I wonder what will look good. I wonder how I could push the envelope in regards to aggressive sizes, finish/colors, etc...

I am very happy with my current wheel set-up, but that doesn't mean I don't wonder about my next set of wheels. Of course, I want to set myself apart from the rest. I want something bold. And, of course I realize whenever divorcing one's self from the status quo or doing something bold, the reaction is mixed - some will love it and some will hate it. That's the nature of the game. In staying with my current theme, I have considered powdercoating red a set of wheels. Having 20" wheels now and holding my breath every time I hit a bump or pothole on these less-than-perfect New England roads, I am probably going to go with 19" wheels next time around. This way I can go with something a bit more aggressive and add just a bit more sidewall to my rubber. I'm a big fan of the Advan RS (I'm running the RS-D's currently) and the SSR Type-F wheels. As of right now, one of these is the front-runner when the time comes.



BUT... Someone beat me to it! About a month ago, I stumbled across this picture of a Fatlace/Hellaflush GT-R outfitted with a set of Advan RS-D's in red. (

This is very similar to what I was considering doing. Oh well. We'll see what I'm feeling when the time actually comes to purchase some new rollers...

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